whoa where did the party go??

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why was girl at school walking around with a goddamn starbucks cup wtf

and i’m not saying that bc “ughhhh girls and their starbucks”

but like

there are no starbucks in this country…. the closest one is 220 miles away

so…. did she come back from the one…

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Magi: The labyrinth of magic Cover


Magi: The labyrinth of magic Cover 
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by 豆腐チゲ
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist
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when hima updates hetalians be like

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how do you know youre asexual if you havent had sex???

how do you know you arent sexually attracted to toothpaste if youve never slathered your genitalia with it and shoved the tube up your anus????

how do you know?????

You have some shockingly good points. Just a second

Update: I am not sexually attracted to toothpaste

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reblog this in 60 seconds or the meme man will get you

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this week on anime: everything hurts and everything is ending

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no no no officer you don’t understand, this is medicinal meth

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you know how in musicals the couple will start singing the same song no matter how far apart they are

what if that happened in real life

what if you were just at a restaurant one day and you started rANDOMLY SINGING because your soulmate decided to sing a duet in the shower

"yes, I would like the bacon and eggs breakfast speciAND AT LAST I SEE THE LIGHT, AND IT’S LIKE THE FOG HAS LIFTED."

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